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We are excited to begin another pre-season and see a variety of talent and athleticism try out for the team. Summer practices will be every Monday & Wednesday, 6-8pm on the soccer fields. For more information about this year and tryouts, visit our info page for the latest.

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2014-2015 Info

2012 Expansion - 7.23.12
To kick-off the 2012-2013 academic year,
Kettnetic Thunder is launching an expansion
program of the organization to celebrate the
upcoming 3 years of the team’s growth into 2
teams this upcoming 2013 season.
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Team Status Acheived - 8.18.11
In August 2011 we received "Team Status".
The 25-page proposal, 5 presentations, and
1.5 year evaluation period was the best thing
we could do as a new team established in
2009. We are now a fully funded college
sports team. Thank you Kettering!